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Display boards will be assigned for poster presentations. Pushpins will be provided to mount the posters. Use of handwritten or a printed power point presentation as a poster is unacceptable. Keep consistent margins, line spacing, color, style, thickness of borders & shading. Use of handwritten or a printed Power Point presentation as a poster is unacceptable. Pick not more than each of 3 fonts colors in poster preparation.

Posters (3×5 feet) should present the salient findings through emphasizing graphics keeping text to minimum. Posters should involve the following sections:

  1. Title & affiliations: Centralized representation of conference as APM: April 11-12, 2023 in Arial bold (40 fonts) followed by clearly visible title (arial 80 points) along with institute logos or affiliations in minimized text size (arial 20 points) next to the title.
  2. Introduction: Highlighting background information
  3. Objectives of studies: In bullet points
  4. Methods: This should be straight, short highlighting used study design with brief laboratory methods.
  5. Results: This should specifically address the hypothesis & refer to supporting high resolution charts, graphics & tables with minimum text content (Arial) readable at a distance of 20 feet away & body text from 6 feet away. Graphics & tables should have complete title & legend. Avoid using patterns or open bars in histograms excess grid lines in tables & discussions pertaining to data curves. Use colors up to three numbers. Utilize regions of empty space between poster elements among their differentiation. 6. Conclusion & recommendations: Comment on main results & discuss why they are conclusive & interesting. What are your recommendations?
  6. Acknowledgments &further information: Thank individuals & funders for their specific assistance.